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Articles By Meena Gopal

Body, Gender and Sexuality: Politics of Being and Belonging

This paper has been inspired by more than three decades of one's discovery of the body and its relationship to the self. As domination becomes unbearable, women have raised their voices and transgressed the boundaries set for them. Sometimes transgression has been expressed through mundane acts like challenging dress codes, veiling and cross-dressing, acts that give shape to their lives. The essay looks at the diverse constructions of women's bodies across castes, classes, regions, religions and other categories. Running through this is the role of the women's movement in dismantling these notions of the body. It then deals with the struggles and shifts in the understanding of the body over the decades. This is reflected in the campaigns undertaken by feminists along with voices from other movements. Finally, the paper places the complex unresolved concerns raised by the interface of feminists with movements of each of the marginalised peoples.

Gender, Ageing and Social Security

In the context of the state's withdrawal from the social sectors, this paper makes a case for the increasing need to ensure social security for older people, especially women. It touches upon some problems in implementing social security legislation, locating elderly women - including widows - the deserted and the destitute women as a vulnerable group. The gender implications of the various policies and schemes of assistance for older people, including the National Policy for Older Persons, are also discussed. The manner of implementation of the schemes is situated in the overall context of the vulnerability of older women in India.