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Articles By Mazher Hussain

Can the G20 Summit 2013 Deliver?

The core objectives of the G20 Summit, scheduled for September 2013, are stated to be sustainable inclusive and balanced growth and job creation around the world. There is a need for G20 Countries to first evolve and adopt a composite tool – Growth, Equity, Conflict and Sustainability (GECS) Audit – that could enable an integrated measurement of growth, equality, sustainability and potentiality for conflict generation of growth initiatives. Radical reform of international financial architecture would also be required to make available credit to promote small and micro-enterprises. Finally, global tax reforms must be debated to dismantle tax havens and prevent tax avoidance.

Twelfth Five Year Plan

The Planning Commission of India posted the draft Document of the 12th Five year Plan on its website in the first week of December 2012 for feedback from the public before it is adopted by the National Development Council (NDC) on 28 December and declared the Five Year Plan for the country from 2012 to 2017. The stated vision of the Plan Document is “of India moving forward in a way that would ensure a broad-based improvement in living standards of all sections of the people through a growth process which is faster than in the past, more inclusive and also more environmentally sustainable”. This mantra of “faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth”’ is indeed ideal and laudable, but the question is how can we make it possible? More importantly, what could be the consequences if we fail?