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Bangladesh after Zia-A Retrospect and Prospect

The assassination of Ziaur Rahman dramatised the many ironies of his life and political career. By his own admission, 406 military officers were executed during his regime; and yet, he could not dominate all opposition and was finally himself killed by a group of officers who were known to be opposed to him, but whom he failed to discipline. He was entirely ruthless against his opponents; but the circumstance of his assassination suggest a relaxation of the security apparatus and an almost naive belief in his powers of persuasion.


Strategies for Equity Ifzal Ali B M Desai R Ramakrishna V S Vyas This paper attempts to focus on the prospects and problems of Indian agriculture by the turn of the century. Its emphasis is mainly on issues relating to distribution, and the increasing of the purchasing power of the poorest segments of the population.

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