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Compensatory Discrimination in Political Representation

Nalini Pandit Classes in Marxist theory are not mere economic categories. They are living social groups whose attitudes and responses are determined by historical and cultural factors. The materialistic interpretation of history does not imply an exclusive emphasis on the economic factor to the comparative neglect of others. The purpose of formulating a social theory is to understand the attitudes and responses of different social groups to particular programmes.

Who Are the Other Backward Classes-An Introduction to a Constitutional Puzzle

An Introduction to a Constitutional Puzzle Marc Galanter In view of the recent upsurge of interest in Other Backward Classes, it may be timely to reflect on how this term became a category for public policy in India and what its possible meaning is.

Untouchability and the Law

This paper is concerned with the relationship between the law and the practices which came to be known as "untouchability". Part I depicts the way in which the legal system of British India supported certain aspects of the caste order. Part II traces the piecemeal withdrawal of this support in the years preceding Independence, and the undertaking by Independent India to eradicate old patterns of caste relations. Part III describes the constitutional setting of these efforts to abolish disabilities. Part IV reviews the reception of anti-disabilities measures by the higher courts. Part V attempts to assess their effectiveness in operation. Part VI explores the prospects for making the law more effective in abolishing disabilities.

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