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Universities and Higher Education

Letters Freedom and ‘Restraint’ R ecently, when a young actorcum-mimicry man performed amidst waves of laughter, it was like a memento for the beauty of free speech. He enthralled his audience imitating one political leader after another and one cinema hero after another. Soon, however, I was...

Sudarshan Model

Letters Sudarshan Model A shish Bose appreciates the work done by H Sudarshan among the Soliga tribes in the BR Hills near Mysore in Karnataka (February 18, 2006). Nobody denies the wonderful work done by Sudarshan over the years. However, there is an apparent “conflict of interest” regarding his...

A Welcome Ban

Letters Sanskrit Speakers T he useful article ‘Decline of Sanskrit’ by Bhupendra Yadav in EPW, December 31, 2005, might have benefited by the inclusion of the following additional points: (1) Yes, B R Ambedkar, the famous dalit leader and chairman of the drafting committee of the Constitution, was...

Child Survival Programmes Revisited

The very evident flaws in India`s polio eradication programme launched in the 1980s are indicative of the fact that bodies at the international (UNICEF) and the national level (i e, the Indian government) have failed in their primary task of controlling child mortality rates. Similar experiences have been reported from other countries. The UNICEF needs to rededicate itself anew to the health-related goals that form a vital part of the millennium development goals, by reaching out to groups and organisations operating at the grassroot level.

Asia-Pacific Pharmaceuticals

A recent conference on pharmaceuticals discussed business issues like phase III clinical trials, counterfeiting of drugs and cutting edge R&D for drug companies, but the disease scenario of the Asia-Pacific region was missing, as also the drug discovery and R&D challenges to address them.

Drug Makers, Providers and Users

A conference recently held in Mumbai highlighted the emerging drug scenario, focusing on the discovery-to-delivery process, IPRs, and the benefits of building alliances in the pharmaceuticals industry. However, the issue of clinical trials, which is of great importance in India given its significance as a clinical trials destination, was not discussed extensively at the meet.

Biotechnology: Policing or Regulating?

how and who will test the GM seeds and who will prosecute dubious GM seed Biotechnology: Policing sellers under the provisions of Seeds Act. Risk assessment of GM is a complex process. In US where GM crops like maize or Regulating?


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