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Delivering a Global India

The high volume of capital flow from India to Africa is often enclosed in the political rhetoric of a shared future shaped by shared histories of colonial exploitation and anti-colonial resistance. Scholarly discussions on the Indian networks in Africa portray them as either a re-scramble or a win–win partnership, but little is known of the ground practices surrounding them. This ethnographic study of two Indian mining corporations in South Africa testifies to cautious engagement by Indian capital negotiating corruption scandals, commodity–price fluctuations, and the conflicting expectations of state bureaucracies and mining communities. It transcends the depictions of South–South capital flows as win–win situations, re-scrambles, or enclave economies.

Making of 'Hawaii Sundari'

Air India from its installation in 1952 as a national carrier has been in search of its ideal hostess in specific social class and caste locations. The new recruitment policy is only an extension of it, further accentuated on the worse side due to global competition. An examination of media discussions on the issue turns out to be productive accounts of gender, caste and class linkages in India.
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