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Articles By Manjit Singh

Preference for Migrant Agricultural Labour in Punjab

In Punjab, during the pre-green revolution period, the relations between landowning Jats and landless dalit agricultural labourers were not as exclusionary as in other parts of north India. The commercialisation of agriculture since the late 1960s has not only squeezed labour demand but has also limited it to peak periods of short duration. With local rural labour mostly employed in the non-agricultural sector, agricultural labour in Punjab will continue to be dependent on migrants, despite all the well-known problems.

Cartoons, Caste and Politics

The controversy over the Ambedkar cartoon in school textbooks is more a refl ection of the hurt sentiments of the political class rather than of the dalits. It seems that an artifi cial hurt has been created through a misreading of an innocuous cartoon from six decades ago. In a context where the social justice agenda is often neglected, such emotional issues provide political players with an opportunity to maintain their popular support.

A Re-Election in Punjab and the Continuing Crisis

A more thoroughgoing management of the message of governance, the media and electoral strategies helped the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal- Bharatiya Janata Party alliance buck the anti-incumbency trend in Punjab and win assembly elections rather emphatically. The Congress' failure to connect to the people through mass movements and the continuing decline of the left parties only helped the ruling alliance even further. Despite this victory, the election manifesto of the ruling alliance suggests that it has few ideas to tackle the crisis Punjab faces today.