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Changing Times

Politics after Television: Hindu Nationalism and the Reshaping of the Public in India by Arvind Rajagopal; Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2001;

Study in Transition

Building Democracy in South Asia: India, Nepal, Pakistan by Maya Chadda; Vistaar, New Delhi, 2000; 

Mass Conversions to Hinduism among Indian Muslims

Indian Muslims Yoginder Sikand Manjari Katju In cases of mass conversion of Muslims to Hinduism, the central thrust has been on their de-Islamisation rather than on their accepting the Hindu religion. The Muslim castes which have been particularly vulnerable to Hindu missionary efforts have been those which are only nominally Muslim and retain many Hindu customs and beliefs. Most of the mass conversions have occurred among Muslim Rajput groups. The Hindu missionaries, too, have shown an inordinate interest in converting the socially dominant and powerful Muslim Rajputs and not the 'lower' Muslim castes who form the majority of the Indian Muslim population. Finally, the mass conversions have mostly occurred in the backward regions of northern India where feudalism is still largely intact and where brahminism has not been challenged by assertive 'lower' castes.


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