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From Land Reforms to Land Markets

A debate is raging on the proposed changes to the West Bengal Land Reforms Act. Can the unfinished task of land reforms and the current proposal of granting 'alienating' land rights coexist?

Vedic Astrology in the Universities

Recently, the issue of introduction of vedic astrology as an independent, if optional, course programme in universities has come into a great deal of focus (‘Vedic Astrology or Jyotirvigyan’, EPW, June 16, 2001). The protagonists for such an incorporation have presented several engaging arguments in its favour. We do not endorse this view. However, instead of an outright dismissal, we examine here the main tenets of the protagonists’ position, and attempt to establish its inherent vulnerability.

Social Science: Dialogue for Revival

This paper takes an overview of a recently organised seminar at MIDS on the state of social science research in India. Besides focusing on the ills that beset social science research at present, more important was the realisation that social science had to be 're-rooted' in the light of everyday experience and the need for researchers to reach beyond the boundaries of their own discipline and arrive at a meaningful dialogue with other disciplines.

'Unfreedom' of Media

The 'enlightened' western media has shown itself merely a mouthpiece of NATO in its coverage of the Kosovo conflict. While it has covered with professionalism the plight of the Kosovars, it is silent on the sufferings of the Serbs. NATO's justification of its actions is repeatedly broadcast. But experts on international law, human rights issues, observers of multicultural or multiethnic societies are missing from the discussions. Almost no dissenting voices are heard.

Variations in Educational Performance-in Tamil Nadu

Variations in Educational Performance in Tamil Nadu A Vaidyanathan Manabi Majumdar Drawing primarily on the census data, this paper maps the inter-taluk variations in the level of literacy in the state of Tamil Nadu as well as changes in this respect over time. The data show significant variations across taluks in terms of literacy achievements during the period between 1971 and 1991. To take the analysis one step further, this paper presents, albeit in a limited manner, some facts on educational facilities and literacy status in the villages of two Tamil Nadu districts. The underlying motivation of such disaggregated study is to develop useful typologies of taluks/villages which may, in turn, constitute the basis for both designing micro studies as well as discerning macro trends.


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