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Nutritional Problems, Policies and Programmes

As I have said, the real proletarian revolution in the rural district's began only in the summer of 1918." (V I Lenin, "Collected Works", Vol 29, Moscow, 1965, p 203, emphasis in the original.) There are, however, one or two methodological weaknesses in some of the analytical studies, which deserve to be noted. Desai has the habit of enumerating a series of features, developments, etc, related to any phenomenon or process under study (e g, pp 14-6, 24-5, 105-8). The features may sometimes be overlapping and at other times may belong to different levels of reality. Neither does he attempt to bring out the systemic interrelations, if any, between the separate features, nor does he distinguish between appearance and essence. As a result, the essence of the dialectical study, namely, the exposure of the inherent contradictions within the esssence of a phenomenon, gets seriously neglected.


Opport unity to Face Basic Issues Malcolm S Adiseshiah The real ills of the present educational system are its elitist nature, its heavy pushout and dropout rate, its scandalously poor rural school environment, its growing unemployed and unemployable product outcome, its indifference to the 70 per cent adult illiterates and neglect of the special claims of first generation learners, its minimal learning and atrocious evaluation system, and its widening gap between the overt (prescribed) curriculum and the hidden (real) curricidum.

EDUCATION- Futility of Aggregative Approach

October 14, 1972 ments and spans various shades of opinion ranging from the Jan Sangh to the CPM, was ill-equipped to take care of the new situation. This character of DUTA is reflected in the fact that the present DUTA leadership had worked in close co-operation with the Vice- Chancellor throughout 1971. As a teacher commented, though Kumaresh Chakra- varty had won the DUTA presidentship on the slogan of 'democratisation' (indeed, all the four contestants, including the JS candidate, had made democratization their platform), more recently, he had turned to talking about 'decentralisation' rather than 'democratisation'. He had even circulated a note favouring the idea of 'zonal councils'

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