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Gandhi and Ahmedabad, 1915-20

On his return to Ahmedabad after successful experiments with satyagraha in South Africa, Gandhi rediscovered and strove to revive Ahmedabad?s business-oriented yet pluralistic traditions of coexistence. As newspapers of the period and other contemporary accounts reveal, Gandhi effectively utilised these principles in the varied struggles he led to promote the cause of freedom, peace, communal harmony and social justice. Based on his initial experiments and campaigns, Gandhi developed his own unique vision and a plan of action that was based on his understanding of the complexity that defined colonial India and his concern for its many underprivileged. At the present juncture, this very same Gandhian legacy appears turned upside down by the politics of divisiveness.

Gujarati Business Communities in East African Diaspora

Gujarati emigrants to East Africa were central to the economic development of that region both before and during European colonial rule. Not the undifferentiated mass of 'Indians' or 'Asians' recorded by the colonial powers, the Gujaratis were both internally divided by caste, community, and religion, and bound together by common ties of language an orientation towards business. It was those ties, and the carefully maintained kinship and community networks, which the various communities utilised to build their economic fortunes in their new lands. Thus it is to those networks that attention must be turned to understand both the foundations of Gujarati success in East Africa as well as their continuing links back to Gujarat.

BUSINESS HISTORY- Evolution of Strategy and Structure of Indian Business

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How does justice Misra expect the Delhi administration, which failed miserably to draw up such a list then, do so now? (Or is this recommendation part of the whole exer cise of perpetually "passing the buck"?) One of the most extraordinary directions of the commission concerns the new list of dead.

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