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Articles By Mahi Pal

New Initiatives for Democratic Decentralisation in Haryana

The 73rd amendment to the Constitution has given a new lease of life to panchayati raj institutions in terms of the continuity of regular elections and certainty for their permanent existence. But the strength of these institutions has been left to the apathy of the state government. The political leaders and bureaucracy did not allow the institutions of self-governance to grow by granting them the desired functions, finance and functionaries. However, the present government in power in the state has delegated several schemes to strengthen these institutions.


Why Rethink Rotation of Reservation in Panchayats?

Extending the tenure of women in panchayats to 10-15 years as argued by Nupur Tiwari (EPW, 31 January 2009) will not automatically empower them. The existing pattern of reservation should be supplemented with various capacity-building measures. Action-oriented training programmes and adequate representation for women in the local administration will go a long way in ensuring their development and participation in the decision-making process.