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Story of Chuni Kotal

Chuni Kotal's suicide has ripped the mask off the face of West Bengal under Left Front rule: the caste prejudice and persecution and the government's callous indifference.

Story of Agnu Panna

Mahasveta Devi The case of Agnu Panna, a tribal soldier of the Indian army, brings out how, in different parts of the country, tribal land is being illegally occupied by the powerful and the newly rich in the rural areas with the active help of land revenue officials.

Where Have the Workers Wages Gone-Repair of River Embankments in Sunderbans

While the financial allotment for schemes for repair of river embankments in Sunderbans in West Bengal are determined according to the work norms adopted for the National Rural Employment Programme, the workers are being actually paid on the basis of more onerous norms and are thus being deprived of a part of their legitimate wages. Complaints right upto the highest levels of the West Bengal government have brought no succour to the poor workers.

Report from Palamau

This is strictly a report from a group of active social workers who are working in Palamau among bonded labourers for some time . I cannot divulge their nanus as they do not want it. But their experiences and deductions should interest all who are interested in the tragic fate of the Palamau bondhuas.

Palamau in Bondage For Ever

April 21,1984 Palamau in Bondage: For Ever?
Mahasveta Devi "PALAMAU is located on the Western border of Bihar. It lies in the northwestern part of the Chhotanagpur plateau. At one time the district boasted of great jungles. Today the jungles are largely destroyed and the district. can be described as dry upland. Consequently the density of population is less than that of the State. The district is predominantly rural and 38.6 per cent of the working population depends on agriculture.

Gua Again

October 8, 1983 Gua Again Mahasveta Devi GUA, a small industrial town in Singhbhum had hit the headlines in 1980 September when police opened fire upou tribals and tribals retaliated with arrows. Gua became news. Why? Was it because five Bihar Military Police personnel were killed? Or, the Jhar- khand movement was very much alive? It cannot be for the tribal killing, for killing of tribals is a ritual with Singh- bhum.

Eucalyptus Why

August 6, 1983 regional personality of Jammu, which often gave it a communal and chauvi- nist twist.
Nevertheless, the BJP and its ances- tors suffered from some inherent handicaps. As a party incapable of ever returning to power in a Muslim majority state,, it could not he taken seriously by the voters. In a region, where Muslims constituted, around 35 per cent and Harijans around 18 per cent of the population, its base was eventually circumscribed to 3 or 4 urban Assembly constituencies out of a total of 32, Further, BJP was left without a popular slogan. As a constituent unit of the Janata Party, it had given up its demand for the abrogation of Article 370 of \he Constitution. It tried abruptly to revive the demand on the eve of elections. But that failed to become a credible election issue.

WEST BENGAL- The Call Never Comes- Unemployment among Tribals

reliance. If, in these circumstances, the idea is now gaining ground that in practical and what are euphemistically called pragamatic terms, the very concept of laboratory-to-pilot-plant- to-commercial-application of indigenous technology is so much waste and some of the national laboratories may even be shut down, as the Prime Minister told the meeting of the CSIR directors, it only means that even the pretence of developing technological self-reliance is now considered unnecessary.


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