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,Growth and Distribution of Rural Income in Bangladesh

This article highlights aspects of growth and distribution of incomes in rural Bangladesh by focusing on a set of households in the period between 1987-1995. It reports findings on changes in distribution of landholdings, education and occupation of rural workers, structure and distribution of incomes, and income and non-income dimensions of poverty. The article concludes with the view that policies based on providing better access to capital and education for the poor would make a greater impact on poverty reduction than policies based on interventions in the operation of land and labour markets.

Income Distribution and Poverty in Rural Philippines

This paper assesses the changes in household income distribution and poverty situation between 1985 and 1997 with primary data generated through in-depth household surveys in four villages representing the irrigated, favourable rainfed, and the upland rice ecosystems in the Philippines. An important finding of the study is that rice accounts for a small and declining fraction of the total household income, and that rice income is relatively less unequally distributed than income from non-farm sources. The inequality in the distribution of education and landholdings are more important factors contributing to income inequality than the diffusion of modern rice technologies.


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