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Articles By Madhuri Dixit

Gendering the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has affected Indian women differently. Due to the lack of autonomy and gender insensitive nature of the state’s response to the corona crisis, women are perceived as second class citizens. While the lockdown is not qualitatively a new experience for the women, even in critical times as it does not change boundaries or the nature of the public and the private spheres for them. Rather, it overburdens them, bereaves them of agency, and compromises their safety.

Brahminical Gulabjaam: Cultural Critique of a Film

This article offers a cultural critique of a Marathi film, Gulabjaam, from an anti-caste and anti-Brahminical perspective. It looks at the film as a new attempt in strengthening cultural dominance of a caste and city identity. Everyday political discourse in current times is not restricted to simply differentiating vegetarian from non-vegetarian foods. Rather, it is activated to ascribe goodness and badness of character in people who eat them and further, to determine their place as citizens in the Hindu national project.