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The Many Messages of Sivaji

Sivaji The Boss may appear to be just an extravagant blockbuster, but this Tamil film with an entrepreneur-technocrat hero who takes on a corrupt bureaucrat-politician nexus reflects certain aspects of the changing Indian economy. With larger-than-life superstar Rajinikanth in the lead, it also "oozes southern confidence" in a scenario dominated by Hindi cinema and reaches out to a pan-Indian audience.

Technology as Agent of Development

Technology as Agent of Development The New Economy in Development: ICT Challenges and Opportunities edited by Anthony P D

Cross-Country Comparisons of Software Growth

operate more efficiently. This resonates strongly with prescriptions that are part of Cross-Country Comparisons a post-Washington consensus which requires the state to play a supportive role for the market economy to function.

ICT and Indian Development

The experience of production, diffusion and use of ICTs in India has been intriguing and complex. Not only does India have one of the fastest growing ICT sectors in the world, it is also home to one of the largest set of civil society experiments using ICTs to empower the marginalised. Against the backdrop of these issues and concerns deliberations at a three-day international seminar held in December 2002 found that lessons learnt in the ICT sector about the complexity of technological diffusion and social change and the importance of public policy institutions have not found their way into policy-making.

Industrial Growth and Structure-Analysis of Manufacturing Sector in Karnataka

This article attempts a disaggregated analysis of growth and structure of the manufacturing sector at the district and industry levels. The analysis points to a growing capitalisation of the industrial sector as a whole and stagnant employment growth in the otherwise employment augmenting industries. Some policy recommendations are made based on the analysis.


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