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ANDHRA PRADESH-Telugu Desam s Comeback Fight

Telugu Desam's Comeback Fight M Shatrugna The coming assembly election will be decisive for the Telugu Desam's survival A SPECTRE is haunting Andhra Pradesh - that of Telugu Desam. If the massive attendance at the Praja Garjana (people's roar) on October 10 is any indication, NTR should stage a comeback in Andhra Pradesh after a lapse of five years. Apart from the massive turnout, the enthusiasm of the people at the sprawling Gymkhana grounds in Secunderabad reminded one of the mood of the people a dozen years ago when the Telugu Desam had inflicted a crushing defeat on the Congress(I). By a quirk of circumstances, the aging Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, who had led a faction- ridden Congress(I) in the 1983 elections and lost, has to face the TDP this time as well as the chief minister.

OSMANIA UNIVERSITY-Unfilled Posts Spark Dalit Protest

The absence of a rational recruitment policy, and a lack of commitment on the part of the university administration infilling the reserved quota of teaching and non-teaching posts has led to disgruntlement among dalit employees.

ANDHRA PRADESH-All Kapus as BCs-Reducing Reservation to a Farce

ANDHRA PRADESH All Kapus as BCs Reducing Reservation to a Farce M Shatrugna In a desperate move to garner support for the forthcoming assembly elections, the Andhra Pradesh chief minister has sidelined the backward classes commission appointed by the Congress(I) government itself and hurriedly issued a government order including all Kapus and all Muslims in the list of backward classes eligible for reservation in the state, thereby reducing the whole system of reservation to a farce and an object of ridicule.

Financing Higher Education-Justice Punnayya Committee Report

The report of the Justice Punnayya Committee on financing of higher education highlights the need to review and restructure the norms for financing the education sector.

Kurnool By-Elections Dismal Results for Congress(I)

for Congress(I) M Shatrugna A quick look at results of the recent by-elections for Kurnool Lok Sabha seat indicates that Muslims and large chunks of the scheduled and backward castes may be moving away from the Congress(I).


wages to them. The labourers are being threatened in many ways and the landowners are imposing various restrictions to break their struggle. The cattle belonging to Mushhars are not allowed to go in the open fields and lands of landowners. They are not allowed to use some of the common ways which pass near the houses of landowners. The use of tanks and wells is also being heavily restricted. Some stray, violent incidents have taken place between the landowners and agricultural labourers, but they were controlled within a short span of time.

Commercialising Higher Education

tiersfor Research, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
Dollar, David (1992): 'Outward-Oriented Developing Economies Really Do Grow More Rapidly: Evidence from 95 LDCs, 1975- 85', Economic Development and Cultural Change, Haberler, Gottfried (1987): 'Liberal and Illiberal Development Policy' in Meier, Gerald M (ed), Pioneers in Development, Oxford University Press for the World Bank, Washington, DC.

ANDHRA PRADESH-Prohibition, Congress Style

'Prohibition', Congress Style M Shatrugna The Andhra Pradesh government's decision to take over the wholesale trade of Indian-Made Foreign Liquor, ostensibly a further step towards introducing prohibition, will in fact make intoxicants available to a larger population than at present.

Commercialisation of Higher Education in Andhra Pradesh

70s students have developed into major historians in their own right. A book like Peter Linebaugh's The London Hanged: Crime and Civil Society in the J8th Century (1991) provides the best possible tribute to a scholar like Thompson: not as cult or even model, but through creative debate, elaboration and change.

Literacy and Arrack in Andhra

M Shatrugna The anti-arrack campaign in Andhra Pradesh shows that literacy plays a significant role in raising the consciousness of the unlettered in general and women in particular, even when the scheme is government-sponsored.

More of the Same

of their meagre resources and lack of wherewithal to produce adequate evidence; they could not fight their case successfully. This happened in spite of popular education efforts by the voluntary agencies working with them for over seven years. Vulnerability of the poor against the power of the state emerges as a matter of serious concern in this case also.

ANDHRA PRADESH- A Bureaucratic Exercise

A Bureaucratic Exercise M Shatrugna In the 1992-93 budget the Janardhan Reddy government in Andhra Pradesh has allocated Rs 147.50 crore for developmental programmes at the assembly constituency level as part of 'decentralised planning'. The Congress(l) with 200 MLAs will corner the bulk of the allocation. The squande sing of such a large amount of public money for 'planning' is to be seen against the background of increasing dissident activity against Janardhan Reddy.


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