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Unity and Differentiation

Unity and Differentiation M S Gore Village, Caste, Gender and Method: Essays in Indian Social Anthropology by M N Srinivas, Oxford University Press, Delhi, 1996; pp xvii+244, Rs 395.

Change and Turbulence in Indian Society

Change and Turbulence in Indian Society M S Gore On Living in a Revolution and Other Essays by M N Srinivas; Oxford University Press, Delhi, 1992; pp xi + 209, Rs 225.

Social Movements and the Paradigm of Functional Analysis-With Reference to the Non-Brahman Movement in Maharashtra

Adopting a largely deductive approach, the author, in the first part of this paper, examines the analytical status of the concept of a social movement and outlines some of the characteristics of the processual pattern we identify as a social movement. The second part of the paper seeks to gain an insight into the dynamics of the relationships of social movements to the social systems in which they arise, using the structural functional mode of enquiry and with substantive references to the non-brahman movement in Maharashtra.

Social Development and a Strategy for Urbanisation- Absence of a Positive Approach to Urbanisation

Social Development and a Strategy for Urbanisation Absence of a Positive Approach to Urbanisation M S Gore The population living in urban units with populations larger than 20,000 will double in next 20 years, even assuming that the proportion of the urban population to the total population of the country does not increase very steeply. The chances are that the percentage of the urban population itself way show a substantial rise.

Urban Planning and Some Questions of Social Policy

of Social Policy M S Gore The role of policy formulation is to spell out, in terms of goals and objectives at the intermediate and the micro levels, the implications of the 'ends' which are often stated at the broad societal level. The planner has to participate in the formulation of this policy and in its implementation in his particular sphere of competence.

Language in Metropolitan Life

M S Gore Indian metropolitan cities have to face the multilingualism of their populations as a very special problem.
Nearly all the major cities have anywhere from 25 to 50 per cent of their population made up of individuals whose mother-tongue is other than the regional language. In many of the major cities, the local language is not the exclusive language of the market place and the workplace.

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