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Threat to Secular Politics

the seat of government. Their role is permanent. OPPOSITION OPTIMISM There is great excitement in political circles that elections will indeed be held on November 16, and unlike the Zia ul Haq kind, they will be 'genuine', free and fair party-based. This optimism amongst the politicians relates to their understanding that there is no strongman of the General Zia guise who can dictate the politics of this country the way he wants. They realise that there is a vacuum in the power circle at the top. However, it may be a bit early to pack the suitcases and head for the presidency in Islamabad. Those who are in the federal cabinet today, and those who have been in power in some capacity over the last eleven years, realise that they will become non-entities if genuine elections are held for it is unlikely that most of them would get elected. They may, in their greed, try to stop the attempt by some well-intentioned senior government servants to try to bring genuine democracy to Pakistan.
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