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Same Bed, Similar Dreams

China and Russia have put aside their old animosities and are seeking to strengthen their relationship very pragmatically. The recent visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Moscow marked a new phase in China-Russia relations.

A BRICS Initiative on Syria

The situation in Syria presents a ripe moment for India, China, and Russia to mount a non-aligned initiative for a peaceful transition through the aegis of the BRICS forum. Unfortunately, there has been no such initiative so far. While Russia and China are increasingly coordinating their stance over Syria, they are overwhelmingly on their own on the diplomatic plane. India, as chairman of the BRICS grouping, needs to take the lead, as it transits from a US-centric foreign policy out of compulsion.

Imperialism for a Cash-strapped Era

President Barack Obama's new defence strategy for the United States involving cuts and drawdowns of its military requirements and presence the world over reflects the superpower's current economic priorities. Yet on close observation, it sets the stage for a new form of preparations for asymmetric defence and hegemonic designs vis-à-vis west Asia, central Asia and the Asia-Pacific. Despite its ambitions to formulate a new cold war in these regions, particularly targeted at China, the economic interrelationship with that country would necessitate only a half-cold war or thereabouts.

India-Afghan Strategic Pact: More Than a Flash in the Pan

There is a revival of the US initiative of a "New Silk Road" that is aimed at gaining direct access to the multi-trillion dollar mineral resources of Afghanistan and central Asia. This is one of various trends that are fast converging on the central Asian chessboard, and the Afghan endgame has given an impetus to the contending powers - regional as well as extra-regional - to take an early lead or to secure advantageous positions. The new India-Afghanistan strategic pact must be seen in this context and it is likely to be followed soon by another between the US and Afghanistan.

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