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Lees Legacy

The leadership problem Singapore faces is largely of Lee's making; he stifles any opposition, and critics say his handpicked successors have been neutralised as well.

MALAYSIA-Towards a Two-Party System

the terrible economic problems facing the people as a consequence of the capitalist system that exists in that country. Thirdly


Decline of MCA M G G Pillai While Malaysia's Chinese community, accounting for over one-third of the country's 15 million people, is formally adequately represented in the ruling National Front through the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), the MCA's role has declined so sharply that its views are all but ignored.

SINGAPORE-Illegal Workers Contradictory Pulls

Despite the presence of foreign workers, legal and illegal, Singapore faces a serious shortage of labour Why has it then come up with a draconian law against illegal foreign workers?


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