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A Few Good Men

The perception of a Haryanvi culture of boorishness and misogynist chauvinism may be a stereotype that is reflected in other parts of the country too.

Talking Literature

The Bangalore Literature Festival turned out to be a forum for pleas for a post-national south Asia structure.

Chandigarh Planned Urbanisation

Laltu The Punjab government's latest move to acquire land around Chandigarh, ostensibly to construct a residential complex on the city's outskirts to regulate urban growth, will result in ousting thousands of villagers.

To Convince the Vernacular Reader-Moral Nature of Socio-PoIitical Questions

Moral Nature of Socio-PoIitical Questions Laltu Samaj Darshana (Hindi) by Satyapal Chandigarh, 1991; pp 164 + XV; Rs 40.
IT is not an exaggeration to say that when an Indian writer writing in English becomes successful, her/his life changes and when someone writing in Bengali is successful, (s)he buys some books. How about writing in Hindi? The question is redundant because you are never successful writing in Hindi This is specially true for nonaction. Even periodicals with mostly commentaries on events and social processes find it difficult to survive, in spite of generous support from many individuals. Satyapal Gautam's scholarly effort in bringing to the reader in Hindi, a concise and yet fairly complete text of Samaj Darshana, is, most of all, a courageous attempt, That the book has already been reviewed rather positively, by intellectuals of the Hindi world, is an indication that the book deserves a wider notice and discussion.

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