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A Tiger in the Drawing Room

With decisions like the Supreme Court's interim order banning tourism inside tiger sanctuaries becoming inevitable in the face of increasing political and executive resistance to expansion of protected nature reserves on public land, the issue of tiger tourism calls for a pragmatic approach that can resolve contradictions between the burgeoning tourism demand and the tiger's shrinking habitats. A "Tiger Habitat Expansion Model", based on a shared profi t motive between private landowners and tourism entrepreneurs rather than government intervention, is one that can help the tourism industry move towards a sustainable growth model that leverages its economic strength to expand tiger habitats.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary: Addressing Relocation and Livelihood Concerns

The relocation of villages in the Bhadra sanctuary in Karnataka, now a protected area, was implemented by the coordinated efforts of different government agencies, voluntary organisations and even the villagers themselves. The process paid attention to aspects of compensation and livelihood, ensured amenities for families and even took into account the needs of the younger generation. While an independent monitoring of the situation a few years later would provide an objective assessment of the quality of relocation, the Bhadra process is a precedent for villagers and protected areas alike.

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