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Neglect of Rural Sector

Letters Neglect of Rural Sector I t was hoped that the union budget 2006-07 would address the various critical issues in rural India, especially rural employment generation. The elasticity of employment in agriculture is almost zero. Massive resources are needed to finance activities like soil and...

Uttar Pradesh Finances

At the time of initiation of the planning process only three states were ahead of Uttar Pradesh on per capita income; now UP stands above only Bihar. The state economy is growing at less than half of the national growth rate. The growth was 2.3 per cent per annum during 1997-2001 as against 5.2 per cent for the national economy.

No Relief for Rural Sector

The budget offers no measures to alleviate the debt burden of farmers. Meagre amounts have been promised for investment in infrastructure and for employment generation. In fact, the central plan allocation for rural development has fallen from last year's levels.

How Efficient Is TPDS in Tribal Areas?

A study in a tribal area in south-eastern Uttar Pradesh indicates that targeted public distribution has not helped to provide food security to vulnerable households in the absence of assured regular income. Policy measures should be directed at providing income opportunities in these areas.

Uttar Pradesh: Agenda for New Government

With per capita tax revenue as a proportion of per capita state income one of the lowest and per capita plan outlay the lowest among all the states, with the exception of Bihar, any progress in improving the condition of the people hinges on the new state governmentâ??s ability to mobilise resources and effect economies in expenditure. Will Mulayam Singh take the bull by the horns?

Uttar Pradesh: Deeper into the Debt Trap

The fiscal scenario in Uttar Pradesh is showing definite signs of deterioration. Part of the reason for the slow growth of per capita income is the state's inability to raise resources; but the government's inability to allocate funds for productive development has compounded the situation.

Starvation Deaths in UP and PDS

If the poor have no money to purchase foodgrains, the public distribution system (PDS) loses all relevance for them. It would serve the poor far better if the huge sums spent on the government's procurement operations and the PDS were devoted to water conservation programmes and pension schemes.

Development of UP

Uttar Pradesh has slid rather rapidly down the development ladder in the past half a century. Today the state spends most of its revenues on servicing its huge debt and what is left is expended on supporting the establishment, leaving little for development. UP needs urgently to raise more resources and, more importantly, put the funds to use in employment-generating areas which will help in poverty alleviation.

UP on the Financial Brink

With the lowest ratio, among all the states, of per capita tax revenue to per capita income, successive state governments in UP have relied on the soft option of borrowing. Interest payments, establishment and pensions together with debt repayment account for over 70 per cent of total government expenditure. Not surprisingly, it has been necessary to effect a cut in expenditure on economic services in the government's budget for 2001-2002.

West Bengal: Parlous State of Government Finances

This review of the state of the West Bengal government's finances shows that the government has no option but to mobilise the maximum resources and cut non-developmental expenditure. Neither is, however, happening.


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