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Impoverishing Uttar Pradesh

In a study on the Uttar Pradesh budget for 2012-13 conducted at the G B Pant Social Science Institute, it was found that the indebtedness of the state government is now over Rs 2.5 lakh crore and is rising annually by Rs 18,000 crore.

On the Left in Decline

If overwhelming evidence shows that the CPI(M) has abandoned the project of "transcending capitalism" then Prabhat Patnaik ("The Left in Decline", EPW, 16 July 2011) should come to the logical conclusion that CPI(M) is no different from any standard bourgeois party.

Unfair Minimum Support Price

Sharad Pawar, the union agriculture minister has asserted that the government fixes the minimum support price (MSP) by taking all costs into consideration as determined by the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP). This is patently wrong.

Corporate Profits

Salman Khurshid, the corporate affairs minister, has suggested that corporate houses should not pay vulgar salaries to the chief executive officers (CEOs) of companies

Starving India

if his politics or the politics of the self-styled movement caused the inevitable in Ayodhya.
Ayodhya Movement Advani is however absolutely right in giving pride of place to the account of the socalled

Rural Distress and Government Policy

National Sample Survey data in Income, Expenditure and Productive Assests of Farmer Households, 2003 showed that 96 per cent of farmer households are in deficit and half of the households are indebted. Debt waiver can only be welcomed in such a situation.

Data Withdrawn

The Economic Survey contained data till 2002-03 on the outgo on account of interest on service payments on foreign loans and credits under the rubric of the balance of payments (Tables 6.3A and 6.3B).

Preserving the Power Structure

Sumanta Banerjee (August 4) while analysing the post-Emergency scenario does not provide any answer as to why various political formations and coalitions, including the Left Front government in West Bengal, have failed not only to project any alternative model of growth but have not even provided

Rural Sector: Continued Neglect

The agricultural sector is stagnating. Foodgrains production has not increased during the last six years. Per capita availability of foodgrains is declining and is at the same level as it was 50 years back.


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