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Inertia and Infighting Haunt Europe-Turkey Relations

Inertia and infighting on both sides bedevil what was supposed to be the European Union's biggest foreign policy initiative - inviting Turkey to the union.

Bangladesh: Moving Towards or Away from Democracy?

The promise of Bangladesh's caretaker government, which is backed by the army, to cleanse competitive politics of corruption and abuse has been widely welcomed. But is the army settling in for a long haul or is there a timetable for restoration of democratic activity? On that there are worries and misgivings.

Turkey-EU Relations Take a Nosedive

European fears of unemployed Turkish youth swamping the continent on the one hand, and the hysteria of Turkish ultra-nationalists on the other are not helping the negotiations between the European Union and Turkey on the latter's full membership of the former. However, there is hope, as talks have not come to a complete standstill.

Fulfilling the Promise in Nepal

Given the complex political forces at work presently in Nepal, it will need skilful political and civil leadership, besides international cooperation on the part of the UN and Nepal's neighbours, to fulfil the promise and energy of the April people's movement


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