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General Elections of 1967 in a Small UP Town

Khadija A Gupta This study shows quite clearly that voting patterns in a small UP town were largely influenced by caste and economic considerations. Caste Hindus voted in favour of the Congress and ."an Sangh can didates because they expected one of these parties to win the election. They wished to be on the side of the winner so that they could draw the benefits and patronage which accrue from positions of power. Another reason for this preference could be that even though the Congress and Jan Sangh candidates belonged to the Scheduled Castes, the parties themselves were not considered Scheduled Caste parties. Locally, the Jan Sangh was considered to be a party representing the business class which, as far as the town was concerned, was mainly Vaish. Likewise, the Congress was considered to be a party representing generally the upper castes and the richer sections of the towns population.
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