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Incorrect Teleology

incorrect Teleology Kaushik Roy the supremacy of the white men would be shaken if the Indian soldiers were deployed in Crimea to fight an army consisting of white men. Again, on page 21, Habib says that over 1,20,000 soldiers revolted out of The volume under review edited by the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

The Beginning of 'People's War' in India

The British response to the mutiny led to fundamental changes in the manner of their rule over the next century. But in several respects, the battles waged in course of the mutiny of 1857 were radically different from those fought before. As this article argues, it marked the advent of "people's war" as opposed to the "limited war" of the past. Not only were militia and local levies raised from among the citizenry but the deliberate savagery inflicted on the defeated civilian populace was a conscious policy of demoralising the enemy. Other effective strategies that were developed to draw civilians into the war effort involved the use of religion and the deliberate use of rumour.

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