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Articles By Kathryn Hansen

Ritual Enactments in a Hindi 'Mythological'

The performance of the mythological play, Mahabharat, in Hindi in 1913 by a Parsi theatre company marked a significant milestone in many ways. Analysing some of the "ritual enactments" specially introduced in the performance, this article seeks to develop a new understanding of the "mythological" genre. Against the backdrop of communities and identities being "imagined" into existence at the turn of the 20th century, the mythological, i e, Mahabharat, served as a media to re-treat and even reinvent old traditions. Betab, the author of the play, intended to reinterpret the epic within a notion of Hinduism that was again an expression of nationalism. Betab's was an ethically motivated agenda in which the national subject is identified principally with righteous women (Draupadi) and dalits.