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Studies of Educated Working Women in India- Trends and Issues

August 18, 1979 at the statistically significant level of 1 per cent. The positive trend for accumulated depreciation and the negative trend for Indian share capital can be accepted at 5 per cent level of significance. Zero trend for the rest of the sources, however, cannot be rejected even at 10 per cent level of significance.

Towards a Study of Education and Social Change

The sociology of knowledge may throw light on some of the perplexing aspects of the relationship between education and social change. For instance, the role of the educated Indians in the national move- ment for independence has been outlined time and again, but this remains an impressionistic observation. The role of the content of curriculum, the organisation and the transmission of knowledge may give us more reliable and interesting data. More research ought therefore to be undertaken by sociologists in this hitherto unexplored area.

Towards Equality Consequences of Protective Discrimination

Discrimination Karuna Ahmad We have completed 30 years of experimentation with the policy of protective discrimination in favour of Scheduled Castes and Tribes and it is time to review its gains and drawbacks.
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