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Articles By Karin Kapadia

Ambedkar’s Feminism

Virtually every day, the most brutal, most gruesome rapes of Indian girls and women fill the headlines. From where does this vicious misogyny come? Why are Indian boys still brought up as little kings, while Indian girls, in sharp contrast, are disciplined to be obedient domestic servants? A profound, deeply ugly bias against women pervades Indian culture, even today. Our political leaders—who are virtually all men—do nothing about it. Why should they? It benefits them, after all.

'Voting for Ourselves'

Untouchable Citizens: Dalit Movements and Democratisation in Tamil Nadu by Hugo Gorringe; Sage Publications, New Delhi, 2005; KARIN KAPADIA This remarkably useful book on dalit political movements combines detailed interviews with front line dalit activists, with a perceptive analysis of the dilemmas and paradoxes facing dalit political mobilisation. The battery of references is impressive: Gorringe trawls a wideranging secondary literature in politics, sociology, anthropology and social history to make helpful comparisons. He also considers the relevance of theories analysing the new social movements and other analytical frameworks to his data.