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Articles By Kanchan Mathur

No Right To Be Born in Rajasthan

The drop of 26 points in the child sex ratio in Rajasthan between 2001 and 2011 reveals that the prospects for human development in the state are bleak. Despite considerable pressure from civil society groups to implement the Pre-Conception and Pre- Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, the pernicious trend of eliminating girls has continued. Unless immediate and stringent measures are taken, this may well lead to catastrophic consequences in the long term.

Gender Hierarchies and Inequalities: Taking Stock of Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health

Following the United Nations conferences on women in Cairo and Beijing, which established the importance of gender as a critical dimension of reproductive and women's health, India initiated several changes in its family welfare programmes in a phased manner. However, despite these changes, the sexual and reproductive health of women continues to be an area of concern. This paper examines the socio-cultural determinants to women's health in Rajasthan in the light of the National Family Health Survey-3 data as well as the current policies and programmes affecting women's health. It asserts that in the present context, women's bodies, health and sexuality are being grossly neglected and abused in Rajasthan and there is a dire need for reform in the state's attitude towards women's health needs.

Body as Space, Body as Site: Bodily Integrity and Women's Empowerment in India

The identification of women with their physical bodies is the root cause of their oppression in a patriarchal culture and society like India. Most often women are denied the rights to emotional, mental, psychological and physical spaces. The fact that the female body is constantly under pressure to conform and mould into prescribed social and cultural roles brings into question the spaces that need to be protected as well rights that need to be claimed so that women's bodily integrity is respected. This paper highlights the struggles and spaces that Indian women have negotiated in their quest for empowerment.

Women's Empowerment through State Benevolence

Rajasthan was one of the first states to launch a participatory and innovative women's development programme (WDP) which was successful enough to challenge the socio-political power structures and was in time, derailed. Does the newly announced policy for women reflect the understanding gained through the WDP experience?