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South Africa: Change and Continuity

The new South African government under Thabo Mbeki inherits a better administrative structure, with new laws and innovations in place. Mandela's reconciliation and Mbeki's Africanisation are two sides of the same coin. The contrast drawn between the two is pointless.

South African Elections

In South Africa's second democratic elections the issues of the consolidation of the democratic order, transformation of the state, reconstruction and development are critical. Despite all the promises and visions of their manifestos, none of the parties opposing the African National Congress (ANC) even pretends that it will be in a position to form a government. The ANC, still carrying the aura of having been a liberation movement, is poised to secure a decisive, perhaps even an overwhelming, victory.

Manipur Dubious Manoeuvre

More than the activities of the insurgents, it is the shenanigans of the Congress Party that have enfeebled the authority of the Indian state in Manipur. The recent imposition of president's rule is another such act.

ASSAM-Another Deal in the Offing

state-run programmes like the WDP, Mahila Samalehya and the ICDS is the first step, with the provision and protection of basic rights. It becomes the responsibility of autonomous women's groups to assist in and catalyse the building of an organised power at the ground level. A power in which ASSAM Bhawari is an active participant in its creation and in wielding it. As long as Bhawari is reduced to a passive link-agent of the state, an individual women wronged, justice coming her way will not only be delayed, but ultimately denied.

ASSAM-Now There, Now Not There

GOI (1981), Census of India. Table A-I, Gujarat State, Series 1, General Population Tables, Government of India, New Delhi, pp 96-99.

ASSAM-Back to Bad Old Days

Back to Bad Old Days Kamaroopi The resumption of the agitational programme by the All Bodo Students' Union and the Bodo Peoples' Action Committee marks a formal declaration of intent to renew hostilities, presaging the return of the 'bad old days'.

ASSAM-Enigma of ULFA

Enigma of ULFA Kamaroopi Why has ULFA been able to gather such significant support from a people who have everything to lose and little to gain if the strategic objective of ULFA of Swadhin Asom were ever to be realised, or even pursued in an uncompromising manner?

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