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Articles By Kalpana Sharma

Wounded Mumbai

The 13 July bomb blasts in Mumbai have posed questions once again about the vulnerability of the city to terrorist attacks. But everyday life is itself terrifying for the majority in Mumbai. It is a terror to which you get inured; you do not even think of it as terror. One of the key issues in dealing with the vulnerability of Mumbai is of enhancing a sense of citizenship in all residents, and not just the privileged. It is the erosion of that sense of association with the city, exacerbated by divisive politics, that needs to be addressed - not to deal just with external terror attacks, but to tackle the terror of people's daily lives.

Governance Failures and the Anti-Political Fallout

The terror attacks in Mumbai that began on 26 November revealed a failure in governance on many fronts. The city has been victim to a string of disasters and crises in recent years, yet the emergency response was once again abysmal. A multiplicity of agencies was handing out information which was often incorrect. The people of Mumbai are very angry, but unlike in the past this anger shows little sign of being channelled into serious debate that will lead to constructive action. Instead the anti-political rhetoric that is being drummed up by the media will have a negative fallout and threatens to open the door for fascist tendencies.