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Sexual Harassment Case

This is with reference to the news column published in The Times of India (July 10, 2007) regarding the sexual harassment case in Gandhi Bhawan against its director, Bidyut Chakrabarty, who is also the head of the department of political science, and dean, social sciences, University of Delhi.

ICs Confounding with Generalisations

ICs: Confounding with Generalisations Prabeen, Kalpana, Savita, Nalini and Sathyamala IN his article, "ICs: The 'Other Side'", E S Lala (EPW, July 5) attempts to allay the unfounded fears created in the minds of the uninitiated laypersons. We wish he had succeeded, because women are interested in contraceptives that are safe, and reproductive control is central to the feminist issue. However, instead of providing some straight answers and treating the issue with the seriousness it demands, he proceeds to cloud the issue with generalisations, claiming that "a point by point rebuttal would only be excessively lengthy and tedious". Since women's groups are seriously concerned, we, activists from the Saheli Collective, would like to make the effort of countering his arguments, however lengthy and tedious the exercise may be.

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