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Articles By K V Cybil

A Dalit Reason for Character

In the context of Ashis Nandy's comments on dalits earlier this year, there have emerged debates as to what mediates the relationship of the humanities and social sciences to the question of caste, as well as that of corruption and democracy to the character of the dalit. A comment on the responses of Gopal Guru ("Freedom of Expression and the Life of the Dalit Mind", EPW, 9 March 2013) and Dilip Menon ("Minding One's Words", EPW, 20 April 2013) to the Nandy controversy.

Defi ning Untouchability in Relation to the Body

 forgotten pillar of holding up caste/ism (and rac/ism, the other two pillars being power and prejudice). One comes across the claim from many caste Hindus that they are not prejudiced (i e, they consciously and publicly disavow caste-based thinking, feeling, doing), and that they consciously abjure from (re)producing power relations of caste in their interpersonal transactions in everyday life. Apart from the fact of mistaking systemic power for interpersonal power, the key issue of privilege as