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Managing Childhood Under-Nutrition

This study provides insights to some of the key functions of the Integrated Child Development Scheme and health services in the management of childhood under-nutrition in six key empowered action group states. It explores the underlying process and determinants of under-nutrition and the manner in which these two key services are playing out their role and scope in contributing to the management. Despite the recent emphases on management of under-nutrition, the health services are yet to respond to the enormous challenges in a signifi cant manner.

Ethics - Bogus or Genuine

K Suresh THE ability to produce more food and the will to feed the people are entirely different things. Whereas the first is an entirely technological problem, the latter is a sociological problem. What type of technology a particular society, committed to feed all of its people, opts for is a different thing. The difference pointed out here is to state who is in the driving scat. The technocrats want us to believe that by simply producing more food the poor who now go without food will be able to fill their malnourished swollen bellies.

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