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Water Manifesto

Water: Problem and Its Management by Satish Yadav (ed); Hope India Publications, Gurgaon, Haryana, 2004;
K SIVASUBRAMANIYAN Water is a renewable resource and it is also a manageable resource provided due efforts are taken by both governments and individuals. The supply of water is naturally met by the quantum of annual precipitation all over the world. However, local management within regions/ countries to meet supply and demand with the available precipitation is lacking considerably, especially, in countries where there is severe water stress. This stress is mostly due to the mismanagement of water. On the basis of this

Efficiency of Water Use in Agriculture

How much water will be needed in the coming decades, and to what extent they can be met are issues of critical importance. Assessments of the future water scenario depend crucially on (a) the technically feasible and economically viable augmentation of the quantum of surface and groundwater available for use; (b) the quantum of water needed to meet the requirements; (c) the ratio of consumptive use to gross utilisation in different uses, the scope for and prospects of increasing this ratio; and (d) increasing the productivity per unit of consumptive use in agriculture. This paper seeks to estimate the 'consumptive use' of water in crop production; the ratio of consumptive use to gross water utilisation, and the productivity per unit of consumptive use.

Fertiliser Use and Crop Yield

The Determinants of Fertiliser Consumption and its Growth in Tamil Nadu by T C Mohanam; Northern Book Centre, New Delhi, pp xviii+202, Rs 385.

Towards Revival of Small Water Bodies

User-Friendly Irrigation Designs by Nirmal Sengupta; Sage Publications, New
THE relative significance of traditional minor irrigation sources for agricultural development in India is well known. Generally, rainfall occurs for three to four monsoon months in a year. Irrigation tanks, ponds and other micro water-sheds, known as 'small water bodies', store the run-off water and provide assured water supply throughout the year. Even from the earliest times people realised the importance of minor irrigalion sources. The level of prosperity of a village age directly depends upon the availability of water in minor irrigation sources. Further, 'small water bodies' contribute to ecological balance and provide water supply for rural and urban population.

Decline of Tank Irrigation

Decline of Tank Irrigation K Sivasubramaniyan Tank Irrigation in Karnataka: A Historical Survey by G S Dikshit, G R Kuppuswamy and S K Mohan; Gandhi Sahitya Sangha Publications, Bangalore,

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