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Hegde and Gowda Paved the Way

The politics of personal vendetta and rivalry played by leaders of the Janata Dal, Ramakrishna Hegde and Deve Gowda ensured the entrenchment of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The secular opposition to the Congress by the Janata Dal in Karnataka withered away with this rivalry.

US, Iran Slug It Out over Iraq

As the US and Iran play out a tug-of-war over Iraq with the former trying to control the situation in Iraq through the heavily Iran-influenced shia leadership of the country, an invasion of Iran by the US seems unlikely.

Iraqi Resistance Gets a Breather

The demise of the Iraqi Al Qaida leader, al-Zarqawi, comes at a time when Iraq's future is mired in uncertainty. But the question is what damage Zarqawi's killing spree has had on the people's psyche. While the Iraqis will be hoping that his death will stem the mindless violence, any breather following his death may be the last hope for the emergence of a more well-thought out resistance to US-backed rule in the country.

Rajkumar and Kannada Nationalism

On the surface, Rajkumar was just an actor. But in the absence of a dedicated political movement for the cause of Kannada and local culture, Rajkumar came to symbolise the hope and angst of a large section of Kannadigas.

Politics of Environment

hold approximately 80 per cent of its mineral assets.
Amongst the other companies, identified in the UN document, as having economic interest in Namibia are Standard Oil Corporation, Texaco Inc and Mobil Oil Corporation of the US, Barclays Bank International Ltd, British Petroleum Co and Consolidated Goldfields of the UK, Rio Algom Ltd and Hudson Bay Co of Canada, Dresdner Bank of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Shell Transport and Trading Co Ltd, a part of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group.

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