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Patterns of Regional Development in UP

 paper Robotnik. LFEE, op cit 22 The Guardian, August 16, 1980, 23 See, Rethal, Zobn, "Intellectual and Manual Labour", MacMillan Press 1978; Bettleheim, Charles, 'Economic Calculation and Forms of Property'', Routledge.

Nostrums on Regional Development

the seemingly 'retrograde' change in occupational pattern. The same appears true of the unhappiness about the lack of development of large industry in up expressed in the book. Actually in the book itself there is enough evidence to prove that development of UP has to be based more on agriculture and small industry than on large industry. The bitter lesson from Bihar, where the dropping of a few large public sector industrial projects without commensurate development in agriculture and small industry has left Bihar almost unchanged in its relative position in terms of most indicators of levels of living, does not seem to have gone home. Thirdly, while the author stresses the role of the development of banking in agriculturally less developed regions, on page 214 he bemoans the fact that the co-efficient of correlation between the ranks in terms of agricultural development and of banking facilities is only + 0.5 and almost says that there should be an extension of banking facilities to the agriculturally developed regions.


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