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ELECTRONICS- Lip Service to Self-Reliance

Lip Service to Self-Reliance K P P Nambiar IT has by now been established that electronics is a major industry in which India has to play a very significant role in this decade. Production of electronics goods in 1972 is expected to be of the order of Rs 200 crores. Of this, Rs 70 crores would be contributed by entertainment electronics products; about Rs 60 crores by BEL and ITI together; about Rs 35 crores by the components industry and the balance by various industrial and professional electronics manufacturing concerns. Most of this production has, however, been achieved by foreign collaboration or by foreign equity participation-cum-collaboration. Except for a few organisations, there has been no production on the basis of indigenous design and development. If we have to get a fair share of the world market, it is essential that we take the necessary steps to sec that the industry grows in an organised manner with the accent on self-reliance in technology.

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