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Understanding Public Debt

domination: technological stagnation, wasteful use of land, reliance on controlled supply of cheap labour are not characteristics of feudal forms so much as of the workings of the most modern capitalist organisations. Feder's argument is to a large extent based on a recently published case study, a book which may be much more accessible to Indian readers than the expensive Harle Volume, and the difficulties with his position also emerge from a reading of this.

Inter-State Differences in Social Consumption

In the context of the Fifth Plan's objective of providing a minimum level of social consumption to alt areas, the need for knowing the magnitude of differences among the states and the reasons for them cannot be over-emphasised. As on March 31, 1972, the interstate range in per capita expenditures had a ratio of 1 to 3.

Inter-State Tax Effort

Inter-State Tax Effort K N Reddy Though the Sixth Finance Commission has come out against the use of tax-effort at a criterion for determining the devolution of statutory transfers from the Centre to the states, the relevance of the tax- effort criterion cannot easily be dismissed, especially if importance is attached to the objective of equitable distribution of the overall burden of taxation. Operationally also to ignore interstate differences in tax-effort is to put a premium on low tax-effort and to promote laxity in tax-effort on the part of the states.

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