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Micro-Level Measurement of Scale Economics

K Mukerji Family labour and hired labour in Indian agriculture are not of the same quality. The advantage lies with hired labour. While, in terms of the history of capitalist development there seems nothing surprising in this, the question still remains of how the hypothesis can be tested at the micro level.

Where Labour Policy Has Failed

The Third Five Year Plan seemed to make the simplistic assumption that industrial disputes can be settled by bringing the parties together and independently of any consideration of the underlying economic and technical issues.

The Food Problem in India-Trade Not the Crux of It

are two main categories of emigrants. First, there are those emigrants who have left the village with no intention of returning. They are called 'permanent emigrants'. The total number of such emigrants is not large. Second, there are those who have left the village with a view to returning to the village after retirement and they constitute the category of 'temporary emigrants'.

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