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Articles By K Haridas

The 'Solar Scam' and the Siege at Thiruvananthapuram

The Communist Party of India (Marxist)-led Left Democratic Front had announced an indefinite siege of the Kerala state secretariat until the chiefminister owned responsibility for the "solar scam" and resigned. The calling off of this indefinitesiege within 30 hours raises a number of questions, including about the political conduct of the CPI(M) itself.

Varghese Encounter Death Case

The verdict on the Varghese death case in Kerala, one of the earliest encounter deaths in independent India, affirms, four decades after the event, the right of an arrested person not to be tortured or killed. The bipolar polity in existence in Kerala for years, with the left holding sway over the intelligentsia, has ensured that independent judgments are hard to come by in the case of human rights violations. The extra-parliamentary efforts to ensure at least a semblance of justice are left to committed individuals or splinter groups.

Kerala: Elections and After

Whatever be the truth regarding the theory of the successive erosion of the United Democratic Front's mass base, it would be presumptuous to attribute to the poll outcome much more than what is denoted by the popular phrase of anti-incumbency. This of course, notwithstanding the V S Achutanandan factor. Now with the new state ministry in office, given the factional divide in the state CPI(M), if things are decided on the basis of mere pragmatic considerations or compromises worked out to satiate warring factions, the high hopes of the people might sooner than later give way to frustration.

Kerala: Intra-Party Differences

The politburo's acceptance of V S Achutanandan's candidature in the forthcoming assembly elections has been attributed to the latter's popularity among the rank and file. But this is too easy an explanation. VS was sidelined because he chose to question some of his party's more uneasy compromises. That the party leadership refuses to answer these is ironically another instance of its ideological blindness.