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OBITUARY- A Colossus of the Past Generation

working class tradition of national and democratic movements, has been OBITUARY turned into thanks to the powerful vested interests on both the sides of communal divide.

Telangana Movement Revisited

Telangana Movement Revisited K Balagopal I AM neither a social scientist nor do I have the courage to describe myself a 'revolutionary socialist', in other words, I belong neither to the category in which Dhanagare (December 18, 1982) gallantly includes Barry Pavier (and gets an unpleasant rebuke in return) nor to the category in which Barry Pavier makes bold to include himself. If, nevertheless, I am chancing my arm in commenting upon Pavier's cavalier tract on Telan- gana ("The Telangana Movement, 1944-51") and his presumptous comments on Dhanagare's review of the book (March 5), that is out of a fear that nobody with better credentials is going to do so. The fear is prompted by the fact that Dhanagare, the acknowledged academic expert on Telangana, is so unsure of himself that he manages to render 'vetti' as bonded labour and suggests with an insufferable politeness that perhaps Pavier has not given enough importance to it in trying to understand Telangana. Such politeness, to paraphrase a historian of mathematics speaking of Spinoza, would be engaging were it not exasperating.

ANDHRA PRADESH-Forever Disturbed Peasant Struggle of Sircilla-Vemula wada

ANDHRA PRADESH Forever 'Disturbed' Peasant Struggle of Sircilla-Vemula wada K Balagopal M Kodandarama Reddy 'REVOKE the disturbed areas proclamation in Sircilia and jagtiall' is a slogan found splattered on the walls of Telangana towns. What used to be Sircilla (pronounced Sirisilla) at the time of the 'disturbed areas' proclamation in October 1978 has subsequently been cut into two talukas, Sircilla and Vemulawada, so that Vemulawada was, so to speak, born a 'disturbed area'. The bifurcating line is the Karimnagar- Kamareddy road, with Vemulawada lying to the north of the road and Sircilla to the south. Together they occupy the south-west corner of Karimnagar district.

OBITUARY- Cherabanda Raju

a sober note with which I would like to conclude, He quoted the black American writer Richard Wright who said "black American writing is a war over the nature of reality. Describing the world in our terms is the first step towards changing it". The admittedly intellectual and academic convictions expressed in the Seminar make such a war in the context of India untranslatable in simple terms. Can the English be equated with socioeconomic power as the term 'white' can be? Should' English be relegated to the status of a tool language so that creative effort in the future is more an individual effort and less the product of a group? Rushdie suggested that the politician and the writer are natural rivals. A chauvinistic redefinition of terms with writer and politician as allies could create an internal colonialism to protect vested interest. The academic/political games of power need to give more thought to the fundamental changes needed for creative effort for the voice of modern India to be heard.

ANDHRA PRADESH-Peasant Struggle and Repression in Peddapally

regulations being implemented especially strictly in plants handling radioactivity.
(3) The Health Physics Units must be given independent authority free of control by the local administration, (4) Medical theck-ups must include specialised investigation for the various chemical and physical agents handled and the findings must be made known to workers along with appropriate advice and treatment.

ANDHRA PRADESH-I II be Judge, I II be Jury...

ANDHRA PRADESH I'II be Judge, I'II be Jury...
K Balagopal ... I'LL try the whole cause and condemn you to death. So said Fury to the mouse (the one with the long and sad tail) in Alice's wonderland. So also said Amrutha Reddy, chhota landlord, Director of Andhra Bank's Farm Services Co-operative Society, prominent local Congress politician and vice-president of the Mahbubabad Panchayat Samiti (district Warangal). The man he said it to was no mouse but one Mellacheruvu Nageswara Rao, a harijan-christian poor peasant by birth and a 'naxalite' by his politics; and while the mouse's tale ends inconclusively, Nageswara Rao's life ended quite conclusively.

ANDHRA PRADESH-Police Repression in Warangal

the steel industry which should draw upon foreign money and services as essentially an export industry and derive maximum advantage from such a transaction. The present government does not; subscribe to this philosophy and stakes a claim to being 'modern' and in favour of industrialisation of the country. When it, therefore, pursues Patnaik's path for the steel industry, the position becomes even more ominous. It has to be seen as part of a wider tie-up that is in view with international capital in the industrial development plans of the regime.

Revival of Encounters in Andhra

channels. The point to note is that at least a part of the black money gene- lated in the entire operation has been laundered and made white in the form of deposits in trusts. In this sense, at least. Antulay's collections bear a close resemblance to the bearer bonds floated under the Union government's aegis by our Finance Minister who commended his scheme precisely on the ground that the incentives and opportunity he was offering to black money hoarders would result in mopping up black money and putting it in regular financial channels as white money. It would appear that Antulay has done a better job in this respect in his own way than the Central government could do with its bearer bonds scheme.


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