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Revisiting the Legacy of M N Srinivas

A new sociological imagination is needed to capture the totality of the social world of the village and beyond, the rapidly changing relationship between caste and class (and power), and especially of the subjective experiences and perspectives of the subalterns that did not figure adequately in M N Srinivas’s field-view.

Is Food Insecurity in Kerala a Myth?

While agreeing with K P Kannan's remarks on the neglected agricultural scenario of Kerala ("Agricultural Development in an Emerging Non-Agrarian Regional Economy: Kerala's Challenges", 26 February 2011), this comment challenges the author's dismissal of food insecurity in Kerala as a myth.

Indian Social Scientists and Critique of Secularism

of Secularism Joseph Tharamangalam In this paper the arguments of three critics of secularism TNMadan, Ashis Nandy, and M N Srinivas are examined, as well as their implications for India's pluralist society.
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