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Why Vietnam Invaded Kampuchea

Jitendra Mohan The invasion and occupation of Kampuchea was only one aspect of Vietnam's general policy of building up, by force if necessary, an 'Indochina bloc' conceived of as1 a system of compulsory and permanent 'friendship and co-operation' in furtherance of Vietnam's national unity and 'socialist9 development.

African Liberation Struggle- In Continental and International Perspective

manner he enumerates many criticisms, But he rightly points out that in any real discussion of project evaluation there are 'political' considerations, adding: "by 'political' considerations, in this context, we do not mean arbitrary, whimsical or Nkrumahesque decisions on economic policies, but considerations which do not fall within the purview of technical economics and on which an economist qua economist, in the present state of arts, can have very little to say. These considerations, for example, enter in the choice of a development strategy" (p 71, emphasis added). Now the efficiency syndrome does not and cannot lake into account any strategy that a decision maker may employ not recognised by the system itself.

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