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Richness of Bengali Muslim Women Writing

Women in Concert: An Anthology of Bengali Muslim Women's Writings, 1904-1938 edited by Shaheen Akhtar & Moushumi Bhowmik (Kolkata: "Stree" Publication), October 2008 and English translation of the original Bangla edition of 1998; pp 443, Rs 600.

Fighting the Clerics

The newspapers have reported that Begum Shanaaz Sidrat, president of Bazm-e-Khawateen, is contesting from the Lucknow Parliamentary seat. The Bazm-e-Khawateen is a 75-year-old outfit that works for the empowerment of Muslim women.

Water, Not for Private Ownership

Our legal system, based on English Common Law, includes the 'doctrine of public trust' which rests on the principle that certain resources like air, sea, water and forests have such a great importance to people in general that it would be wholly unjustified to make them objects of private ownership. However, multinationals as well as national capital are doing precisely this.

'Bigots' and 'Fanatics'

Rulers portrayed as 'bigots' and 'fanatics' were often forced to balance competing claims and demands from a widely disparate population. A history, honestly written, would also need to tell us that all that appears as bigotry on the part of either Hindu or Muslim rulers were actually shrewd administrative and political strategies.

Gandhari, the Rebel

Gandhari, the Rebel Jayanti Alam Gandhari is regarded as a symbol of the devoted wife who is subservient to her husband, body and soul. She had even blindfolded herself because her husband was blind. But was she really subservient to her blind husband who was, in the real sense, blind to all injustice and immorality?

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