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Has Education No Role

social purpose undertaken by the United Nations", This can be done through an enhancement of its coordinating role and by an expansion of its membership. Again the "oligarchic character" of the composition of the executive organ of the ILO, with the permanent representation of the industrialised states, should be tuned to contemporary needs. In sum, the developing countries-are demanding the increasing democratisation of the U.N, system. These demands, needless to say, are being opposed by the developed countries led by the United States. The apathy of successive US administrations towards the United Nations has reached its nadir under the Reagan administration which has made its distaste of international organisation crystal clear. In the circumstances the developing countries must adopt a common strategy in order to rationalise the UN system.

Scheduled Castes and Education

January 16, 1982 water problem will continue to worsen in the coming years. Israel, therefore, has designs on the neighbouring Arab water resources like the Jordan river tributaries; Yarmuk river which originates in Syria and touches the Israeli frontier along a few kilometers before meeting the Jordan river; Litani river in South Lebanon and the Nile. In the West Bank, Israel has dug deep wells close to the Jordan river tributaries and springs, drying up the Arab wells and luining agriculture. Recently, it has staked a claim on the Yarmuk waters, ostensibly for the inhabitants of the West Bank, but really for the Jewish settlements in the West Bank. The Israeli incursions into Southern Lebanon are also guided by the calculations of acquiring a control over Lebanon's most important source of water. And after Camp David, Sadat himself pro posed 'the Peace Canal' to bring the Waters of the Nile to Negev.


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