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BIHAR-Operation Total Revolution

be replaced because he has the overwhelming support of the following and it would be impossible to "impose" anyone else as the Imam. This is to admit that the Wakf Board's attitude of treating the Imam as a temporary incumbent, a kind of probationer, amounts to political machination. Parties as far removed as the CPI and the Jan Sangh are agreed on the principle that the "parish'' should have the final say in the choice of the Imam, and not the Wakf Board. At one stage, it was reported that Sheikh Abdullah would mediate in the Imamath dispute but the Sheikh backed out when he realised that the dispute had political overtones. There is a flurry of speculation about the forces behind the arson and destruction of property, said to be worth Rs 1 crore, on February 2. The Muslim League thinks it was neither Hindus nor anti-social elements but the police who engineered all that. The CPI is wont to blame "communal" and "fascist" elements. But all agree that the police were mere spectators as the orgy of arson and loot went on. The long period of curfew that followed is seen by the Muslim League as a merciless economic blockade because it paralysed the normal economic activity of the poor people who depend on their daily earnings.
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